About Us

Who We Are

RTS is a trusted leader in national test development and global delivery solutions for academic, corporate, financial, government, healthcare,
professional associations and technology markets. We operate as an independent company owned by by a Board whose membership represents an exceptional balance of skills and experience.
Our commitment to service quality and a set of strong corporate values support test takers countrywide.

As a strategic partner, we work closely with clients to advise, develop, manage and deliver comprehensive solutions that feature unparalleled test development and delivery expertise as well as the industry’s most integrated, technology-enabled environment across the world’s most secure testing network or through the conveniences of online testing services.

  • Hard Work

  • R&D

  • Team Work

  • Technology

Why Choose Us

  • Our Vision

    RTS view to move ahead to set such standard of the education that is in all respect comparable to international standards and Providing the educated and qualified candidates to the government and private organizations

  • Our Mission

    . Admission tests for institutions,
    . Recruitments for public & private sector organizations,
    . Distance Learning,
    . Training programs for capacity building,
    . Research and consultancy Facilities,

  • Great Results

    Results are only successful when we make a difference in your life. We’ll help you get the Quality and Merit.